Pre-need Funeral Plans

There comes a stage in everybody’s life that they realise they won’t always be here. Many people are happy enough to know that their wishes will be carried out by family or friends, however, others wish to remove as much of the burden as possible.

For this reason at Smyth’s we offer a full consultation and tailoring service so that a person’s last days on this earth can be exactly as they want them to be. During this consultation we discuss everything from carrying out a traditional funeral to special or personal requests that may be desired. For many years in Ireland, people were almost expected to conform and most funerals were carried out in the same way, however, times are very much changing and at Smyth’s, we not only welcome ideas to personalise a funeral, we encourage people to make the occasion appropriate for themselves whatever that might entail.

So feel free to call or email us on to make an appointment so we can discuss all the options. We can document and record what’s sought and, if desired, those details can be forwarded to a relative, friend, executor or solicitor so a third party is aware of what plans are put in place.

Prices for the tailor made funeral will be discussed in great detail, every conceivable expense will be considered and when the client is completely satisfied that everything is as they would like it, monetary provision can be made towards the eventual cost. Please be aware that a client’s money is never held by Smyth’s Funeral Directors Ltd., it is kept on deposit in a financial institution where the client always maintains 100% control yet it is for the specific purpose of paying funeral expenses and can be accessed when the need arises.