Office, Showroom, Store & Garages

Our office is located just to the rear of our Funeral Home in Roscommon town. It is where people come with queries and to make the necessary arrangements. Alongside the office is our coffin showroom. Here we display at least sixteen different types and styles of coffins and caskets at all times ranging from willow and bamboo coffins to ornate highly polished Italian coffins and American caskets. Also on display is our large variety of Irish hand made coffins. In addition to coffins we also have a very large selection of silk wreaths and we can cater for orders of fresh flower arrangements with a little notice.

Our premises located in Roscommon town are modern yet they have also often been described as homely. Our Funeral Home consists of entrance halls, reception rooms, viewing areas, public toilets and waiting areas. This is all enclosed in well maintained and carefully landscaped grounds.

Adjacent to our Funeral Home we have a state of the art preparation area where each client is made ready for viewing. This is a ‘clean area’ quite similar to what’s found in a hospital and allows us to prepare clients according to family requests.

Our modern fleet are all well maintained and are kept in our new garages. Each vehicle is meticulously cared for even down to being covered with dust blankets after polishing. In our fleet at the moment we operate mainly Mercedes, but also have other vehicles.

Finally, beside our garages we have our coffin store. In this store we would have in excess of fifty coffins at all times catering for every request.