Funeral Home

Our Funeral Home

Our Roscommon Town Funeral Home is located very close to the town centre. Construction work commenced in 1979 and the doors opened in 1980 with a very positive response from our client families. Our funeral home in Roscommon was purposely built to look like a private residence so that people coming to spend time with loved ones could feel at ease in the surroundings. Over the years we’ve updated and refurbished on many occasions to keep up with the requirements of our client families while still keeping the homely feeling.
Funeral Directing Showroom in Roscommon

Today, the funeral home stands on a large site with beautifully landscaped gardens. Inside it is often described as luxurious yet practical. It is quite a simple yet effective design. On entering you arrive at a reception area that leads into the main hall. From here you can go into the sitting room, ladies and gents toilets or you can enter our main viewing area. It is in this viewing area that people pay their respects and sympathise with the bereaved. This room then leads into a large waiting room where people can remain until removal time.

We are very much aware that some people have misconstrued conceptions of a funeral home being a cold, dark and unfriendly place, we do our very best to eliminate these ideas. We invite anyone who wishes to see our funeral home to make an appointment and we’d be more than happy to provide an escorted tour through our premises.
Funeral Showroom in Roscommon

Other Facilities

Our Showroom

Alongside the office is our funeral accessories showroom where we display a range of beautiful coffins, a very large selection of silk wreaths and we can cater for orders of fresh flower arrangements with a little notice.

Our Vehicles

Our modern fleet of funeral cars and hearses are all well maintained and are kept in our new garages. Each funeral vehicle is meticulously cared for even down to being covered with dust blankets after polishing.

Smyths of Roscommon Funeral Directors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year